Sunday, June 16, 2013

Honey-Roast Chicken Pizza

Pizza is one of the Italian dish I love and that is mostly due to it's simplicity. A simple but well made combination of bread, tomato and cheese with various desired toppings, be it pork pepperoni, be it grilled chicken or simply peppers with jalapenos or black olive.

I have tried Dominos quite a few times, but frankly, never found a reason to spend so much of money. I have tried Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza, I have tried Spicy Chicken Pizza, I have tried Veg Pizzas and Pizza topped with Paneer (cottage cheese) as well but truly speaking, none of them has the appeal for which I can visit dominos again again.

Rather I preferred pizza from a local shop in Hindmotor called Yes Sir. They used to use ready-made pizza base and top it with tomato sauce, chicken or veg and grated cheese. They had a small OTG to bake it and that's all. I liked it and started my own journey with making in a similar way. It was good at the very first time and since then I have tried same thing quite a few times. This time I decided to have base of my own here is how I made it...

Ingredients (serves 2)

Ready-made Pizza sauce (you can make it at home as well. recipe is easily available on youtube :) )
2 medium Onion in cubes
50 gms grated Mozzarella Cheese (or more if you like)
For Pizza Base

200 gms refined flour
½ tsp dry yeast, activated in lukewarm water
2 tsp saalt
1 tbsp sugar (better if dust)
1 tbsp vegetable oil
enough water to make a soft dough

For Honey Roast Chicken

150 gms of Boneless Chicken
50 gms of Sweet Corn
¾tbsp of honey
1 tsp crushed black pepper
2 tsp garlic paste
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp ginger paste
salt to taste
Aluminum Foil


Make a nice soft dough with good amount of water with all the ingredients and keep it aside for 4-6 hours to be fermented, wrapped in a cling shit.

Now mix all the marination ingredients for honey roast chicken and marinate the chicken piece for 4-6 hours. Wrap the chicken with aluminum foil with sweet corn (to preserve the moisture) and roast it for around 20 mins at 175oC in a pre-heated oven. After removing from the oven, cut the chicken into small cubes.

Take out the dough now and give it shape with you hand with help of dry flour. Keep the edge a little thick and spread the sauce well on the pizza base. Top with chicken cubes, onion cubes and corn and cover well with the grated cheese (some other cheese as well with the toppings). Now bake it at 250oC for around 15 mins in the oven and your pizza is absolutely ready to have a bite.

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