Friday, April 26, 2013

Bloody Melon, A Cool Relief in Summer

Melon Melon everywhere! Had a nice drink, want to share!!

A well known drink but made simply. I could not make a Bloody Mary due to short of ingredients but what I made was quite good. It's summer time and we all love having something down the throat and fruit juice are the best choice. Bloody Mary is a bit spicy with Tabasco sauce but I neither had it nor wanted to try in this summer. We are hot by nature these days!

Had a nice, sweet and huge Water Melon (6 kg :P) from the local market. Absolutely juicy and red inside. Made some juice and did something share below.


180 ml Water Melon Juice (serves one)
5 ml Lime Juice
Sugar Syrup to taste
A pinch of salt
15-30 ml vodka
a Melon wedge to garnish

That's all! Just mix it well and serve with ice cubes. Do not forget the melon wedge to garnish!

Here is your drink!


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