Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chicken Lasagne

It was my Lil Sis who made the first ever Pasta dish for me. She didn't even complited her Class X exam by that time and she used to watch Sanjiv Kapoor''s Khana Khajana on regular basis. This was one of such item she learned from Sanjeev Kapoor. It was heavenly tasty and I still can feel the taste and the texture of the dish.

Since that day I am a huge fan of Pasta. It made me so crazy that I started trying to make the fresh pasta on my own. I gathered knowledge on different pasta dishes and Lasgne is among the best recipe I liked.

I did not have a baking facility and thus I had to wait to make Lasagne till I managed one and the recipe goes here...


For Pasta

150 gms Refined Flour
1 Egg
25 ml Vegetable Oil
2 pinch of Salt

For Chicken Stuffing

200 gms Bonless Chicken cut into small cubes
1 Capsicum
2 medium Onion cut into cubes
4-6 minced Garlic cloves
½ tsp minced Ginger
1 tsp Chile Flakes
2 tbsp ready made Tomato sauce
Salt and Pepper for seasoning
fresh minced Basil or dry if fresh not available
fresh minced Oregano or dry if fresh not available
and lots of Mozzarella Cheese finely chopped
oil to cook.


Make a nice, soft and firm dough with all the pasta ingredients and keep it aside for 30 mins wrapped in cling sheet. Then roll it with the help of dry flour and make it 1 mm thick sheet. Cut into rectangular shape of desired size. Boil some water in a medium large vessel and add little oil there. Now add the pasta pieces to the boiling hot water and let it cook for 2 mins and not more. Drain the water well and add some more oil to the pasta so that it does not stick. The pasta is ready.

Now put some oil in a pan and add ginger and garlic. Add onions, capsicum, chicken together. Mix well and cook it till the chicken is about to tender. Now add all other ingredients and mix well. Cover it and keep on low flame for another 5-7 mins.

Here comes the main part. Put a piece of pasta on the foil base. spread some prepared chicken and top it with cheese. Place a pasta again on the cheese layer and repeat previous steps. This way you can make a 4-5 layers. Do not cover the topmost part with pasta but cover it with thick layer of cheese. Cover it well with more foils to retain the moisture and bake it for 40 mins at 175oC in a pre-heated oven. Remove the top foil cover when done and bake it for another 5 mins to give the top-most cheesy cover a nice golden effect. That's all and it is done. Enjoy tasty Chicken Lasagne at home with your family...

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